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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  October 27, 2016 6:00am-6:40am CDT

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d later -- grows morning. we'll tell you the suspicus scene poli fod in an ally on milwaukee's northside. and another day another call for one major car company. who 's c impacting and e danger sing for drivers. and you're taking a live look today-- but there are some ers 's ybak.'s m e and - cck of your weher d ge teorn go. yesterdas nasty with showers and avy hein at
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is mostly cudwith 40s and abt r temperatures near 40 d a nw wind at 5-15 mph. today s mostly cloy with his north wind. nighis mostly w oulo nea. ?f now-let's get to tatiana
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?e new this morning-- n- after he was and kill by a vehicle on thinrstate around three this mor on i-94 heading south in kenosha county. the kenosha county sherifs departme tes reopedout as walkinacro the intn lf lwatermo
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shooting... time in an alley near 16ndr with a gunshot wound. that vicm latercumstans surrounding e death ar this lastest murder brings e total number of homicides in milwaukee so far this year to 118. that to 123 at this time last year. milwaukee police nee who's on the run.. ke look this devontae ers accused of ng ashooti killindarrick ball, monday near 24th and auer. turner lives in chicago, family and friends here in the milwaukee area. happening right now: if you ive a toyo, yoicleur veh might be under ?anoer?$ ll. ust got is infoion in. the company ys another ?5 8 pnt million? vehicles need toe fixed because of airbag problems. takata made thosais--
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vehicles. takata has supplied ..daers coanies ac ?ple. d e en nked to at leas11deat in the u-s... and hundreds of injuries globally. some of the affected models clude thpopular coroa, happeninto?your privacy on the internet is up for debate in washiton today. the federal communications commission is expected vote on rulefor how internet service providers use ?your data. right now, phone companies are restricted on how they can bucks illl theo and before we can enjoy a new arena, we have to get through its construction. many fans who attended the home opener noticed the traffic and parking hassles. the bucks are working with uber to create a designated drop-off location. there are also some shuttles from local bars and restaurants. potawatomi casino offers free parking, and a discounted shuttle to the
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the packers food service provider is hosting its final job fair of the season today. they're hiring cooks, bartenders and other part-time jobs.the job fair runs from from 4-to-6 at lambeau field. happening today... the public can weigh in on a possible expansion of the amtrak route connecting milwaukee to chicago. more trips would be added each day. pete zervakis is live at the intermodal station downtown with more on how the public can weigh in. the amtrak routom milwaukee to chicago makes seven round trips daily on weekdays and saturdays. the proposed improvements would up that number to 10. but they would require changes to the amtrak line's infrastructure - like the tracks and signals. so the wisconsin dot... illinois dot... amtrak... and the federal railroad administration have put out a study on how those changes would impact towns and cities along the route. it's called an
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can show up at the washington park senior center - 44th and vliet - to learn about the e-a and ask project officials questions. the public comment period runs through no veer 15th. you can also weigh in by email. to learn how: head to the wisconsin dot's website and search "amtrak project." live...pz... tmj4 up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--halloween safety the simple thing you can do to protect your children from dangerous drivers.then -- ho a plateville couple is fighting back -- after a half-naked man took a blow torch to their donald trump yard sign taking a live look outside... today a local musician who's
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plus - it's like uber - for massage. we'll tell about this new way to relax - today on
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too much of anything can be harmful.. and according to the
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pediatrics, digital media exposure is no exception. experts for infants 18 months and younger shouldn't be exposed to any screen time... the academy says screen time can be introduced to infants and toddlers on a one hour a day basis... but keep it to shows like sesame street. for older kids.... make sure you set a standard.... proiritizing school work.... time oustide... and sleep before powering on. to be hit by a car on halloween night, than on other nights, according to state farm. for greater visibility decorate or trim costumes and bags with reflective pe that will glow in the beam of a car's headlights. also, experts remind people to drive below the speed limit during trick or treat hours... use highbeams and stay off your phone.and experts also recommend setting check in times for older kids.
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signs alone... this after vandals in platville torched a donald trump sign. take a look at this surveillance video.... you can see one of the vandals didn't even bother to put on pants. the couple who put up the sign... says they were shocked to find it destroyed... in the meantime, the couple plans to erect an even bigger trump sign ... maybe even a billboard. glassdoor has come out with a list of the best companies to work for. the list of 25 starts off wth a company out of california called amgen incorporated.... which gives employees 5 weeks of paid of vacation... after that sloan kettering cancer center in new york... followed by ikea... and google . some familiar companies found here in milwaukee also made the list... costco wholesale ranks number 8. j-p morgan chace and company finds itself at number 14 on the list. and t-mobile towards the bottom of the best at 19. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--decision 20-16 who leads in key battleground states heading into the home stretch of the campaign.also-- how italy is coping with two
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eyi keved thic it isn't just grandmas whore ssiosubw about turkey, the all-white meat in our new, thiccut au cp+$d ch artificial preservatives or flavors, anis topped th che asauce.
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tional guard--this after
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were asked to pay back enlistment bonuses improperly awarded 10 years ago. the california national guard claims it was required to try to recoup the erroneously awarded funds -- and did not have the authority to unilaterally waive the debts. the pentagon hopes to resolve all cases no later than july first of next year. closing arguments will start today in the so called bridgegate trial. former port authority executive bill baroni... and new jersey governor chris christie's aide at the time, bridget kelly are which lanes were closed on the george washington bridge allegedly for political rposderal cocy nsraand fraucharges. clean up is underway this aly just hours aparthe hquakes a first was a 5 point 5 quake, thea stronger one hit, 6 point 0 magnitudshortly after macerata province show extensive damage to s
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depth of some six miles,ch is relatively shallow.this is people killed earthqke 00 two months ago. ogisthian gotter.her... shsterday nast ers and heavy rain a
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in the low to mid 60s ?o strong sw ?owind to 30 pmph. turday is mostly cloudy, the r m dwarm with the cold f, sunday is ?@ partly cloudy anin themid
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rmer oncagain with ghs yb 60s.
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now let'get a look at the roads... incident freetraffic building certian spots are on time894 northbound near nationl are
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in decision 2016 this morning: a new analysis of early voting. cast theiballots. tracie potts is live in washington with a more detailed look at the turnout so far.
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj 4 --a senior prank to kick off halloween. how you can be a part of this year's 'pumpkin drop' in west allis also-- candy survey. it's something parents may not admit. coming up.... the candy
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off haoween r toda ni-m-p no hundred-30 pumpkins off their four story building. it's part of their annual pumpkin drop. ten teams will try their best to hit the small targets at the bottom of the building. fans will also be given the opportunity to toss a pumpkin off the balcony as well.the fun kicks off at 3 this afternoon. more than 60-percent or parents admitted to secretly eating their kids' candy in a new report.the report from real estate website "redfin"
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before ey l them eat it. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4 --the job fair happening today -- that hopes to connect job seekers with more than 100-local employers also-- a uw-madison student making headlines around the country.what he is accused of doing ... and what his lawyer is saying this morning.
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? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? hey! ? that'the spit! oooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? john social securitys a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young peopleonlly necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnn supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin.: at g soci securit
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the erage agof homeless perss ard. d m wait, is that a basketball player? we he! yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest ma charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encoemt- at'somethi seids e tog emberthem some for a fetime.
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te some legal trble-- pe id plainshat d d ?why he's faci the judge. plus:ann stling tells you the ?best ace to check out today-- if you're looking for spots- tra- asic builds this t rning. but first, let's start with storm team 4 teorologist n gott tracking some cooler weather. wayenasty with showers and he a mph, temps in the 40s and about 2" of rain. this morning is mostly cloudy with temperatures near 40 and a nw wind at 15 mph. today remains mostly cloudy with highs near 50 and a brisk north wind. tonight is mostly
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now let's get a look at your
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milwaukee police investigating an armed robbery in a chruch parking lot on hope avenue . police say the suspects held up a woman at gunpoint tuesday night while she was picking up her child at daycare. police are still looking for e suspects. student faces nine charges of sexually assaulting an acquaintance in a case that is getting national attention. 20 year old alec cook of minnesota also accused of false imprisonment and strangulation. charges because investigators contacted them. cook's ave attorneys are asking for people to wait for more information acng any conclusions. this morning... court officials will decide whether the milwaukee police officer accused of sexually assaulting several men will be bound over for trial. dominique heaggan brown is the same officer who shot and killed sylville smith in the sherman park neighborhood in august. pete zervakis is live with more on
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dominique heaggan brown is charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of soliciting a prostitute, according to a criminal complaint. that complaint references four separate victims. two men accuse heaggan brown of rape. two other men allege he paid them for sex. the criminal complaint says in one case... heaggan brown took a victim to a bar - and later sexually assad m - thdaafter the sylville smith. the shooting set off two nights of violence, burning and unrest in sherman park. the complaint alleges heaggan-brown and the victim watched news coverage of the violence while sitting at the bar drinking. the officer will come before the court this morning for a preliminary hearing. it'll be determined if there's enough evidence against him to move forward with a trial. heaggan-brown is currently in
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his attorney asks for that bond to be lowered during today's court appearance. live..pz... tmj4 happening right now: we're getting a better idea of what u-s students need to work on at school."the nation's report card" just released its assessment of kids and classwork. and they're not getting an ?a? in science. right now-- about a third of fourth and eighth graders science. if you look at seniors in high school-- only 1 in 5 do well in that subject. education secretary john king says this proves schools need to focus more on courses in science, engineering, technology and math. the report also showed-- 4th and 8th grade girls-- closed the gender gap in science-- and now perform just as well as the boys. with 12 days left until the election.. wisconsin has seen an impressive voter turn out.
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wisconsinites have cast absentee ballots.dane and milwaukee counties have had the most. of course... they're home to the state's two largest cities... and milwaue and allowed early forn already. 51-thousand ballots returned in milwaukee... and 44-thsanddane.but waukesha county is also showing impressive numbers. they've seen 29-thousand voters. the city of waukesha first allowed early voting this past monday. in person absentee ends friday, november fourth in waukesha green party nominee for president jill stein is also in town.she will hold a rally at uw-milwaukee tonight at 6- 30.most polls show stein coming in fourth behind hillary clinton, donald trump, and libertarian nominee gary johnson. happening today-- help wanted. that sign is posted outside of manpower headquarters right now-- a job fair starts there in about 2 hours. ann sterling-- is live at manpower headquarters-- with information ?you need to
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if you're looking for work-- some milwaukee's common council members want you to check out a job fair happening today. it starts at 9 this morning at "manpower" headquarters off of water street near schlitz park. more than 100-local employers will be looking to fill spots. available positions include jobs in manufacturing-- construction-- reta, management--- hospitality, chilare, the ? food indust, other services include driver's license recovery and resume preparation who would have thought..the world series is heading to chicago -- tied at one game apiece.the cubs beat the indians 5-1 in cleveland last night.chicago is already making
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enhanced security, street closures and parking three is tomorrow at 7. the bucks are looking for their first win after a tough loss in their home opener against of the only bright spots for the team was the "greek freak" giannis antetokounmpo who scored 31 points last night.the bucks weren't really in this one from the get-go... trailing the whole game... and ended up lossing one 103 to 88. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--terror plo national security officials fear isis may be planning now. then -- wage gap.a new study explains why women are are working more than men ... and
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yest showers and heavy rain at times, win gusting to 40 h, tem in the 40s and about 2" of rain. this mornin is mostly cloudy with temperatures near 40 and a nw wind at 5-15 mph. today remains mostly cloudy with highs near 50 and a brisk north wind. tonight is mostly
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we could be weeks away from a major offensive against isis in syria...but u-s officials also warn the terror group may be planning a plot of their own.we know they are up to something and it's an plot, we don't know exactly where, we don't know exactly when. but we are going to try and head it off."the warning comes as the fight for the isis stronghold mosul move forward... as iraqi troops with the help of u-s airstrikes look to take back the city. the u-s is looking to isolate the city of raqqa... where they believe top isis commanders are hiding. a new study highlights the amount of work that women do,
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as caring for their children women spend more time .??how mu you count what women do not get paid for, they an extra 13 minutes a day working.over the course a year, that's just over 79 hours. up next-- on live at daybreak on today's tmj4 reveals a possible crack in the housing market -- even though home prices keep rising. then -- family fortune.what a judge said to two women who claim to be heirs to prince's
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happening today: major changes are proposed for milwaukee's north side-- and today, you'll get your first look at the city's vision. the northwest side community development corporation is holding an event where the public can see some in-progress happening near 30th street and capitol drive.that meeting starts at 9 this morning... at century city tower. also happening today.miller park hosting local vets in need of work. to three o'clock... veterans, military spouses, guardsmen and women, and reservists are welcome to participate in a free job fayers at miller park looking to hire. now to your weather and traffic gether. with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was nasty with showers and heavy rain at times, winds gusting to 40 mph, temps in the 40s and about 2" of rain. this morning
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temperatures near 40 and a nw wind at 5-15 mph. today remains mostly cloudy with highs near 50 and a brisk north wind. tonight is mostly cloudy wlows near 40. friday is partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the low to sw wind to 30 mph. saturday is mostly cloudy, breezy and warm with highs in the lower to mid 60s, with isolated afternoon
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or treating in some communities. behind the cold front, sunday is partly cloudy and in the mid 50s, but monday is windy and warmer once again with highs in the yesterday was nasty with showers and heavy rain at times, winds gusting to 40 mph, temps in the 40s and about 2" of rain. this morning is mostly cloudy with temperatures near 40 and a nw wind at 5-15 mph. today remains mostly cloudy with highs near 50 and a brisk north wind. tonight is mostly
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warmer with highs in the low to mid 60s thanks to a strong sw wind to 30 mph. saturday is mostly cloudy, breezy and warm with highs in the lower to mid 60s, with no crasheswe've got problem spotsslow go traffic in your typical areas are growing
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great news for people looking to sell a house... home prices kept rising in august and september in most major american cities.hove analysts worry some cracks appear to be forming in the housing rket ain. appliance giant whirlpool and paint manufacturer sherwin- williams... two companies that could beconsidered canari reported weak numbers and issued a disappointing forecast.: they say dogs are loyal
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out of detroit. a dog waited around his detroit home for a month after his owners got evicted... laying down alone outside on a mattress next to a pile of trash, waiting for his family to return.the owners never came home. the dog's name is boo... and apparently the neighbors saw what was going on. they put the word out on social media... for someone to give boo a home. .boo was taken to a foster shelter... and is now awaiting adoption. the fight over prince's fortune continues in minnesota. a judge just ruled a woman and girl who claim to be related to law-- be considered heirs of his estateprince died from a drug overdose in april. his estate is worth an estimated 100 to 300 million dollars michael phelps got married! ...apparently, awhile ago. he... just didn't tell anybody. during the summer games in august, phelps told "people" that he and nicole johnson had set a wedding turns out that date was ?before? the interview -- they had already been married for months! "people" now confirms phelps
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june, during a ceremony in paradise valley, arizona. a big congrats to former badger and super bowl champion russel wilson. wilson and his wife ciara are expecting.the two announced on social media they are expecting their first child together.the announcement comes just three nt still ahead on live at daybreak-- a final check of your weather and traffic together... and the four things you need to know as you head out the door. the m-p-d officer who shot sylivlle smith is due in court... the unrelated charges he's facing. russ feing 'm rusd i approve this messag. vo: keep them working... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors. he supports privatizing social security and wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy.
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means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket or are left without coverage altogether. but wisconsin seniors know that in washington, ron johnson isn't working... for them. the best part of the turkey is. cook the turkeside down and it . i likeveic my turkey everyone's got an opinion when it comes to turkey. even subway. our new thick-cut autumn carved turkey sandwich has all-white-meat,
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and sweet cranberry mustard sauce on freshly-baked wheat bread. only at subway. now this is how turkey should taste...
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now it's time for your "four to know" this morning.we start
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in front of the county courthouse the kenosha county sheriff's office confirms a man was hit and killed while walking across the interstate. it happened on i94e in the southbound lanes. right now--- lanes are blocked while the investigation continues. heaggan-brown is currently in custody at the jail. his bond is $100-thousand. we'll see if his attorney asks for that bond to be lowered during today's court appearance. live..pz... tmj4 a man is dead this morning afr heas hit and killed by
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this happened around three on i-94 heading south in kenosha county. the kenosha county sheriff's department tells us that man was walking across the interstate. lanes have since reopened to traffic. the public can weigh in on a possible expansion of the amtrak route connecting milwaukee to icago. already, it makes seven round trips we and saturdays. t e proposed improvements would up that t at7 p-m heington pa senior ce e loing for work-- a big joir it starts at 9 this morning at "manpower" headquarters off of water street near schlitz park. more than 100-local employs will be looking to
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see you in 25 minutes for your next check on weather and
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good morning. numbers game. three new polls, three vep different stories, is hillary clinton ahead or is it a statistical dead heat. the campaign hitting the road for lady michelle obama new e-mails showing her own campaign staff worried about potential conflicts. i'm going to open the door. >> smoke fills a door in boston with frantic passengers trapped inside. some kicking out windows to escape. five people were treated for


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